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Canadian pharmacies online and the 24-hour world

Now more than ever, the world is definitely a 24-hour world. Day and night, business and commerce are active somewhere in the world. People are going to or coming from work and school and lives move at a very speedy pace.

With so much activity taking place every moment, it is not surprising that men and women would be looking for a way to get the prescription medications and other medical supplies they need quickly and safely at the best prices possible, all sent directly to their door wherever they are in the world. Online pharmacies are an option that many are embracing, purchasing and receiving their medications on their schedule at a price that is kind to the wallet.

Advantages of online Canadian pharmacies

Online pharmacies based in Canada have seen a notable increase in activity in recent years. There are several reasons for this; first of all, they are able to offer brand name and generic versions of medications at an extreme discount, in some cases as much as 80 percent less than retail. That is a significant saving, especially for individuals who find that their money does not stretch as far as they would like.

Many online Canadian pharmacies offer low-cost or free shipping on orders over a certain amount and a variety of delivery options are available, including express shipping to destinations around the world. Deliveries can be made directly to a customer’s home, place of work or any other destination he or she desires.

Canadian pharmacy online are regulated by the CIPA, the Canadian International Pharmacy Association, which oversees quality control for medications and requires trained pharmacists to manage online pharmacy activities as they relate to the medications. Recognized as being the Canadian equivalent of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States, the CIPA ensures that the medications being shipped out of Canada and around the world are made from high-quality materials and that the dosages are appropriate and safe. Many foreign countries have online pharmacies, but the government regulations that are in force, if there are any, are rarely as stringent as those of the CIPA and FDA.